Like everything else in my life, if I find an interest in something I tend to become full blown obsessed.


For example, I went through a Korean Skin Care phase about two years ago and on the first night I discovered it I had somehow managed to convince Russell (my ‘accountant’) that spending $300.00 on a haul of items I had no clue about was of dire urgency. Within a month of using the 12 items I had bought, my skin was rejecting every single cream, serum and oil I put near it. Did I learn my lesson? Not in the slightest. I threw myself at face masks next. I again, convinced my ‘accountant’ that buying every single kind of mask was very important. Poor Russ, and my poor skin.

I am sure you can relate! Much like beauty products, and fashion, finding what works for you can be a long and expensive journey.

To wrap up what feels like the shortest year ever, below are my 2018 Skin Care Favourites!

*Everything is paid for by me unless stated otherwise. Some items are from companies that I received for Instagram collaborations that I ended up loving - these will be clearly stated.*


La’Bonic Organic Makeup Removing Gel

This gel is ahhh-mazing! I use a pea sized amount, and either use my hands or a beauty device to massage it all over my face. I use a damp face cloth to wipe it off or face pads, then move straight onto a cleanser. It works really well even when you’re wearing heavy foundation / layers.


Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser

This creamy cleanser is so divine. After I take off my makeup I dampen my face with warm water and massage this into my face / neck with my fingers or beauty device. It smells beautiful and works wonders for my sensitive skin. I’ve used this cleanser for almost a year now, I love it to bits!


The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask

I use a face mask 2-3 nights a week, sometimes more. I just adore them. Finding masks that don’t irritate my skin can be tricky as my skin loves to react and break out following almost any skin care product touching it. This mask has tea tree oil in so this really soothes my skin and leaves it feeling so soft and clean.


Natio Rosewater and Chamomile Gentle Skin Toner

The best toner I have ever tried! It is honestly magic in a bottle. I am obsessed with it. I love it. I cannot get enough of it. If I have a breakout or irritated skin, leaving this on over night somehow always sees me the following morning with calm, soothed skin. I’m speaking purely for myself here, all skin reacts differently so please don’t automatically assume it will work the same for your skin. Buying sample sizes or testing a patch from a Tester at the store is always a good route with a new product!


Antipodes Joyous Protein-Rich Night Replenish Serum

I bought this little sample sized bottle to try out and ended up really happy with it. I massage 4-5 drops into my hands, then use my fingers or a beauty device to push the serum into my skin. It’s such a beautiful texture and I’ve noticed when I don’t use it in my nightly regime my skin doesn’t feel as good the following day. This serum is a keeper and I’m off to buy the full sized bottle in the next few days.


Natio Ageless Firming Night Cream

I’ve had this cream for almost 6 months now and as you can see I’ve only just hit half way. I use a pea sized amount every night as my last product. I dab it into my face with my fingers or a beauty device and gently massage it in. This cream is not greasy and isn’t sticky - perfect for sleeping in. I rinse it off in the morning with a cleanser. It has a really lovely texture and makes your skin feel unbelievably soft and moisturised.


RevitaLash Advance Eyelash Conditioner

This lash serum has been a holy grail of mine for years now.

Ophthalmologist formulated & Dermatologist reviewed, you can count on this product to do what it claims. The story behind RevitaLash is heartbreaking yet beautiful.

“Inspired by the immense love between our founder and his beloved wife Gayle, as a solution to help her feel beautiful during her courageous fight against breast cancer. From that single, original product comes an entire collection of beauty-enhancing, solution-oriented cosmetics that revitalize the natural beauty and inner spirit of all women, while giving back to the cause that started it all.” - Dr Michael Birkenhoff, via the RevitaLash website.

The beginning of RevitaLash is so pure and real, it’s no wonder this product works miracles. I use it religiously every single night after I’ve finished my skin care routine. I use a thin layer on both lash lines.


CarbonWhite New Zealand Creamy Charcoal Cleanser + Multi-Active Night Cream

*These two products were gifted to me from CarbonWhite for an Instagram Collaboration. I ended up falling in love with them!*

I use the Creamy Charcoal Cleanser for my morning skin care regime This cleanser soothes my skin and makes it feel really clean and refreshed. The ingredients list is pure heaven including Angelica Root Extract and Licorice Root Extract - both perfect for my sensitive skin.

I switch between my Natio night cream and this Multi-Active Night Cream every other night. It is lovely to sleep in and also comes with a beautiful ingredients list. My two favourites are White Willow Herb - it assists in calming skin inflammation, and Hibiscus Flower aka ‘Natures Botox’.

I love both products immensely and will be restocking through my own purchase once I am running low!


QykSonic Zoe - Sonic Beauty Device

*This sonic beauty device was gifted to me from QykSonic as part of an Instagram collaboration. I truly love the item so it made my Holy Grail list*

Where do I start?! This was sent to me from QykSonic to try out and I truly don’t even know how to explain my love for this device!

I use the product morning and night for almost every step of my skin care regime. The only step I don’t use it for is my toner (personal preference).

The device is made of Ultra-Hygienic, Medical Grade, Anti-Microbial Silicone (“yay“ screams my sensitive skin). It has two heads, one for cleansing and massaging and one for applying skin care. There are 15 vibration settings so it will suit any preference (or completely off if you don’t like the feeling!)

The device is cute and feels like you’re having a spa facial every time you use it! I even make Russ use it once in a while as it really gets in deep and on a high vibration setting is great for exfoliating!

Each charge gives you 300 uses which is so perfect for those with busy lives!


There you have it! I have loved using all of these products so much in 2018, and while I will continue using them through out 2019 I will of course be sampling and trying new products often.

Let me know if you want to see monthly favourites or are happy with the Annual Holy Grail round up!

Thank you so much for reading!

Much love always!

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