Summer is in full scorching swing here in New Zealand, but that shouldn’t mean it’s the first time we are digging out the sunscreen since last summer.


We all have memories from some point in our life of being strictly told “make sure you’re wearing sunscreen!”. While many of us rolled our eyes and insisted we had the stuff layered on, most of the time we were lying and ignoring the risks we were placing on our skin. Many people enjoy being outdoors, voluntarily roasting their skin. It feels wonderful, but can significantly damage our skin beyond what the eyes can see.

For me, it is a year long necessity. The long term benefits of wearing sunscreen everyday outweighs the fun of an unprotected summer romance with the sun.

I wear this SPF 50+ moisturiser on my face everyday.

I wear this SPF 50+ moisturiser on my face everyday.


Many dermatologists advise year long sunscreen wear as a means to limit our skins exposure to the sun and the inevitable damage.

For me I wear sunscreen on my face daily (at the least) to help lessen the chance of sun damage incurred wrinkles, change in skin texture (we’ve all seen ‘that’ person laying on the beach with leather looking skin), risk of skin cancer, sagging / bumpy skin, and general discolouration. Just like you rarely see burnt skin in the winter, you will rarely see the damage caused by the sun before it’s too late, regardless of your skin colour / pigmentation.

Everyone knows I love fake tan, and the reasons above are why. I would rather have the hassle of weekly full body exfoliating and fake tanning then end up with more wrinkles then my cosmetic nurse can keep up with.

Another way to view this is, at age 60, would you rather look 40, or 80?

Thank you for reading! If you have an opinion on sunscreen please leave me a comment below or direct message me on my Instagram!

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