Lash gold, aka RevitaLash. If you haven’t heard of it don’t worry I am here to fill you in!

Founded in 2006 following the creation of a product by Dr Micahel Birkenhoff. The eyelash conditioner was made for his wife, Gayle, while she was fighting breast cancer and experiencing the side effects of Chemotherapy. What started out as one lash conditioner, has grown into a worldwide beloved company with roots still heavily planted with breast cancer research and education.

This eyelash conditioner has been part of my evening skin care regime for years now. I apply one layer across all four lash lines each night. I notice such a difference when I use it consistently! My eyelashes currently almost reach my eyebrows (a goal I am happy to boast about). I’m off to get a lash lift over the next few weeks so will make a post on that experience as I have never had one before! I’m so excited to see the results mixed with my already long lashes.

“A portion of all proceeds benefit breast cancer research initiatives”

“A portion of all proceeds benefit breast cancer research initiatives”


This product is incredible and the company is so wonderful.

If you want to check their products out for yourself you can find them online:

Website: RevitaLash

Instagram: RevitaLash Cosmetics & RevitaLash Cosmetics NZ

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