As someone who suffers with terribly sensitive skin, it is difficult finding skincare products that don’t turn my face inside out. This is why you won’t often find updated skin care reviews here on my blog because once I find something that works with my skin, I am hesitant to switch it up (at least for a year or two).

Recently after running out of my LA'BONIC Organic Makeup Removing Gel I decided I wanted to try something new. I have been using this one for over a year now and it will remain a favourite of mine but I felt eager to have a backup (in case of any sudden change in production or stock availability we all need a plan B!). I typed “organic make up remover” into google and a photo of coconut oil popped up and a voice inside my head yelled…"HOW HAVE I NOT THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE!?”.

I quickly looked at a youtube video to see if it worked then I immediately ran into our kitchen, grabbed the coconut oil ( we already had organic unrefined so this was perfect) and ran straight into the bathroom. I rubbed a small amount all over my face and to my delight it removed my makeup effortlessly! After years of using coconut oil all over my body, I am embarrassed that I never thought about using it to remove make up. Better late then never right?

What is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is the oil withdrawn from the edible white ‘meat’ of a coconut.

What is the difference between refined and unrefined Coconut Oil?

The difference is the process in which the oil is extracted. Refined coconut oil is typically heat treated, has a neutral scent and is processed with chemicals. Unrefined coconut oil is free of chemicals, retains it’s coconut smell and the nutrients which are beneficial to us. This is why I only use unrefined (raw virgin/cold pressed.)

One of the unique things about coconut oil is that it is one of the only sources of medium-chain fatty acids, more specifically lauric acid, this ingredient has proven antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal, and anti-inflammatory benefits.[1][2]


How do you use it to remove makeup?

Step 1:

Whether the oil has solidified or not, I use half a teaspoon (or a full teaspoon if I am wearing heavy make up with lots of setting spray) and just rub it all over my face with clean hands (if the coconut oil is hard just rub it in your hands to melt it). I focus only on my skin and not my eyebrows or eyes. I massage the coconut oil deep into the makeup and make sure it penetrates and lifts all layers.

Step 2:

I wipe the oil and makeup off with a face pad or a warm wet face cloth. After that I focus on my eyebrows and eye area, again rubbing the coconut oil into the target areas. Repeat removing the coconut oil off with a warm face cloth or dry face pads.

Step 3:

Once all the make up has come off and I’ve wiped away all the oil with face pads I use a gentle cleanser to clean my face and ensure all the coconut oil is removed and any trace of left over make up is gone.

Voilà! Your face is clean, soft and smelling like beautiful coconuts!

I have been doing this for over a month now and I am so, so happy with this discovery. Still very embarrassed of myself for taking this long to click! I don’t find that my face is any oilier due to washing my face with a cleanser straight after. Some days I do just leave a layer of the coconut oil on for a few hours as a moisturizing treatment for my face before washing it off. When doing this step I don’t completely soak my face in oil, just a thin layer. After leaving it on for an hour or so, I wipe away the oil and use a facial cleaner, trust me you’ll love how soft your face feels after.


I hope this was helpful for you! I am so incredibly happy now I never need to worry about my make up remover going out of production! I love that this is a natural, organic option and will definitely be using it for a very long time! After watching a few DIY youtube videos, I am inspired to have a go at making my own at home. If successful, I will create a “How To” guide for you all!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love always,

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