Hello my loves!

Seeing as March marked my four year vegan anniversary, I decided it was the perfect time to show you my all time favourite make up products that are of course, vegan friendly!

Being vegan is not just amending the food you eat, it’s eliminating as best you can all animal products and by-products from your day to day life. As a make up lover, initially figuring out what products I could or could not use was difficult, frustrating and confusing.

Fast forward four years worth of research and trial and error, I’ve not only found many new favourite products, I’ve also created a holy grail list of items across all categories of the face. As much as I love buying the latest shoes, clothes and accessories, with make up - once I’ve found something that works for my skin and looks great, I stick with it and stock up.

My vegan / cruelty free make up collection isn’t small, but these are the products I have rated as my Holy Grail’s and are first to be recommended to anyone who asks!

Let’s get started!

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 13.13.52.png

Hello effortlessly flawless skin! Hands down, the best foundation I have ever used. I cannot rave enough about this product. I first tried this foundation in 2017 while in Canada with Russell. Ordering new foundation online is NOT a game I enjoy playing, so it was an absolute dream come true walking into my first ever Sephora (we don’t have it in New Zealand). Finally I had real life access to hundreds of products I had dreamed about…I was definitely a kid in a candy store, completely unsupervised and naturally spent a years salary in one hour (kidding, but not really).

The immediate item I was looking for was a new foundation because in Canada I didn’t have access to the one I used back home in New Zealand. We had planned to settle down in Russell’s hometown, Halifax, so it was crucial for me to find a replacement HG foundation, and fast! The main criteria I looked for in the new foundation was full coverage, zero flash back, and shades for my natural skin tone + my skin tone when I fake tan (which is 90% of the time).

The first night I used it I went out for drinks with friends and the first flash photo taken made me super nervous as it was a new foundation and I was wearing fake tan…to my absolute shock and joy…there was NO flash back and it matched my tanned skin perfectly. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t spend the majority of the night forcing people into flash photos with me. I have never come across a foundation this perfect, truly ah-maaaa-zing!

Now this is a review of the foundation on MY skin, I cannot stress enough that everyones body chemistry is different and this foundation may cause flash back for you due to your skin care / make up bases / any other products you may use! I encourage you to always trial a sample first before making a purchase with not just foundation, but all make up if possible.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 13.36.20.png

This concealer is my go to for Summer. It’s light weight and the coverage isn’t heavy so it’s great for warmer days where you still need some touch ups but don’t want to look like you’re wearing a ton of make up / feel like it (if you’ve ever worn a full coverage look on a humid day - you’'ll know exactly what I’m talking about!) The big applicator is a personal favourite, some concealers have a tiny push tube or applicator and I feel like they just slow me down! The texture is super creamy and blends like a dream.

Tarte: Shape Tape

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 16.18.34.png

There are no words for this concealer. It is THE best. I love full coverage and this concealer delivers above and beyond full coverage expectation. Just like the Aquacealer above, the applicator is big which again, I love! A small amount goes far so use this sparingly. It smells like a vanilla cupcake - I seriously just smell it for the sake of it because it smells that good! and to answer the big question on everyones mind- no it doesn’t crease! YAY! Hand on my heart, this concealer minimises the appearance of pores, and holds this look for hours! It still truly shocks me when I look in the mirror and see my skin looking so flawless. I notice a huge difference in skin texture if I do not use the concealer. I use it in triangles under my eyes, over the ridge of my nose, across my forehead and on my chin. If they never change the formula, I will never change this as my holy grail.

Laura Mercier: Transluscent Powder

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 14.51.51.png

This setting powder needs no introduction. Quite easily the queen of translucent powders - this powder easily lives up to it’s royal reviews. I use this powder to bake my concealer and lightly set my foundation. I’ve never had any flashback issues with it, creasing or caking. It leaves my foundation looking flawless and and leaves the areas I’ve used it on looking soft and silky all day. Matched with the Tarte Shape Tape, I swear these two create miracle skin.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Powder Contour Kit

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 15.04.50.png

I’ve been through my fair share of contour kits, I think we all have. This one stood out the most to me when I first tried it and I haven’t changed since (roughly four years) some powders that aren’t of good quality tend to leave patchy marks on your face and I can admit I have fallen victim to this. Walking into work one morning a few years ago a co worker asked “have you been punched in the face?!”….my bronzer was so harsh for my skin tone and hadn’t blended smoothly. I was mortified. Bronzing / contouring is still my least favourite part of my make up routine as that moment haunts me to this day. Blend, blend, blend! Also ensure you’re using the right tones for your skin and always double check in natural lighting!

The packaging is fit for a princess and it smells good enough to eat - I mean surely that’s enough to be a holy grail right?! This bronzer is gorgeous on the outside and the inside. It is super pigmented so a little goes a long way. When I am not using the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit as bronzer, this is my go to. It blends against foundation smoothly and doesn’t break up through out the day like some bronzing mixtures tend to.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Blush Trio

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 15.02.06.png

My face doesn’t feel complete until I have added some blush! I first tried this one a year or so ago and just before it was running out I quickly purchased another because I didn’t want to be without it! I adore this trio. All three shades are lovely on their own or mixed together which is what I typically do. Blush, just like bronzer and contour kits are important to get right otherwise they can leave you looking clown-ish (again, trust me, I’ve been there) blush can either be your best friend or your worst enemy so my advice is always sample first before buying a full product! Another rule I live by when doing makeup, you can always add more. Start off light when using all products and slowly build up because you can’t go back easily.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Sugar Glow Kit

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 13.07.00.png

All you have to do is look at this palette and you can tell it’s going to be good. The pigmentation is crazy and you only need a little bit to be shining bright like the stars. I use every shade for lots of different areas of my face. I always highlight the tip and top of my nose ridge and my eye ducts. I usually skip cheekbones as I prefer my blush to stand out in that area. I’ve used the shades mixed on my eyelids, mixed into my bronzer and blush, and swept along my collarbone. I feel like this palette never ends! I’ve had my current one for roughly a year now and I am still just scratching the surface!

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 15.08.01.png

Speechless. I remain speechless about this product. No lie - I bought this in 2017 and it STILL holds it’s pigment. It gives the most subtle, natural, yet beautiful shimmer and is incredible quality. It’s traveled to the other side of the world and back with me, it’s sat unused for months at a time, and is still as amazing as the day I opened it. It’s some sort of magic mixture that I just haven’t found in any other highlighter. Trust me - you want to own this. The luminosity will leave you, like me, speechless.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 16.51.55.png

Another amazing highlighter! I prefer this one for summer as the shade I use - Champagne Pop, has a golden shine to it and if not blended correctly can leave a dim orange dust where you’ve placed it. It’s the highlighter I use most when I am wearing fake tan. The highlight gleam lasts all day and REALLY pops in the sun.

I have three of these on the go right now, does that tell you enough?! One sits on my make up station, one sits in my bathroom and one is always in my car. I cannot express my love for this setting spray enough. I stumbled upon this by chance, it was in a display case in the queue at Sephora, I did a quick google search to check if it was vegan and lucky for me it was. I use it to set my foundation for extra glow before continuing the rest of my make up and then use it to set everything at the end. As I don’t tend to use highlighter across my cheekbones - this setting spray illuminates the area for me. User Warning: SHAKE the bottle thoroughly before using - countless times I have been in a rush and forgot to shake the bottle and literal STREAKS of glitter ended up over my face, much to Russell’s delight. I just love, love, LOVE this illuminating setting spray. I can’t recommend this product enough. If they ever stop making this, I will cry. A lot.

Need something to really lock in your make up for a long day? or partying late into the night? I reach for this when I know I’m going to need my make up to be seriously held in place. It doesn’t cause make up to break or crease and doesn’t leave mist lines like others I’ve tried. Regardless of it’s glue like powers, this mist is lightweight and leaves a flawless look across your make up.


Anastasia Beverly Hills: Dipbrow Pomade

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 15.01.50.png

I cannot remember how long I have been using this, but it seems like forever! I never let myself run out of this product. I often use it as a liner for a wing to give a softer look. It’s so creamy, lasts for ages, gives your eyebrows great pigmentation, and can be used lightly or applied heavily.

e.l.f: Eyebrow Kit

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 15.19.48.png

I use the powder part of this kit as I don’t find the gel is greatly pigmented / rubs off easily. The powder is used to ‘set’ my Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade. I’ve also had this product on repeat for years now as it is very affordable and sets my eyebrows like a dream.

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 15.18.41.png

I only have three words to describe this mascara - My Best Friend. My eyelashes have never looked as long as they do since using this mascara. Teamed with a good quality lash curler - my eyelashes are just incredible with a few coats of this. I love the thick wand head and of course the pretty pink packaging. I’ve been using this mascara exclusively for at least three years now. I don’t even want to try any others as this one is just that good.

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 16.40.36.png

Two heads?! Yes please! I am someone who struggles - greatly - when it comes to liquid eyeliner. With this one, it offers two heads and produces the perfect amount of ink. Some either run dry to quickly or exert to much ink all at once. After trying a few other vegan liquid eyeliners, I’ve remained happiest with this one. One highly rated vegan eyeliner that I was terribly disappointed with was the Kat Von D - Tattoo Liner. I found it dried out quickly, very stiff to use, and not worth the price. To each their own.


Anastasia Beverly Hills: Liquid Lipstick

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 22.05.13.png

Liquid lipsticks, you either love them or you hate them! Personally, I can’t live without them. Specifically the Anastasia Beverly Hills ones. My two signature colours are Crush and Stripped. I’ve tried a few others but these two are the ones I keep going back to for over two years now. I wear them on their own over a lip liner or as a base for a lighter cream lipstick on top. So if you look at my photos, I am ALWAYS wearing either one of these shades - they will often look different because of how I use them! I love the quality, the shelf life, the applicator and they don’t transfer! Brownie points from Russ who has suffered at the hands of my lipstick kiss marks ruining his shirts and leaving smudges all over him.

VEGAN SHADES: Allison, Ashton, Bittersweet, Bohemian, Clover, Crush, Currant, Dazed, Dolce, Dusty Mauve, Faded Terracotta, Grim, Hudson, Insomniac, Kathryn, Madison, Malt, Maude, Mulberry, Naked, Nocturnal, Poet, Redwood, Requiem, Rio, Ripened Red, Rock Sand, Soft Lilac, Starfish, Strawberry, Stripped, Trouble, Tulip, Violet.

Australis - Miss Beehave Liner

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 20.32.16.png

The ONLY lip liner / shade I use. Why, you ask? Well. This colour and the quality of the product is incredible. Seriously. It does NOT budge! This shade is heavily pigmented and looks great on it’s own or under any shade of lipstick. It is always the base of any lipstick I wear.

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 20.34.07.png

Lip balm is something I always have on me or near me. This brand has so many delicious flavours to choose from. It’s hard to find a lip balm that doesn’t leave a chemical like taste in your mouth, isn’t greasy, and of course, doesn’t have any animal products in it. With ingredients like Avocado fruit oil (high in vitamins a & e) Rosehip seed oil (incredible rejuvenation properties and perfect for dry lips), Argan kernel oil "Liquid Gold" and of course, my all time favourite - Blue Chamomile - known respectively for it’s calming properties - you know it’s going to feel and be amazing. I steered Russ away from Nivea and he’s become happily obsessed with this one!


So there you have it my friends! I have left out some make up items such as eyeshadow palettes and colour correctors as I haven’t managed to find my Holy Grail’s of these yet. When I do, I will update this list and notify you!

I hope this information was helpful for you / insightful!

Thank you for reading! Much love,

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