Two things that I love styling with anything and everything - baggy jeans and oversized blazers. Comfort + stylish = happy Courtney.

When Bijoix Boutique sent me their Frill Sheer Top to style and shoot my immediate choice was baggy jeans and an oversized blazer. It worked perfectly. I also added a faux Christian Dior J’adior bralette (design from their spring/summer 2017 collection) to give the look an extra edge.


* throws bag on ground * - “this is cute”


The born again strappy sandals / heels tied around pants trend is totally cute, and totally effortless. This look has been around for awhile now (Vogue 1979 feature the look) but recently caught fire again and I am all here for it.


Top: Bijoix Frill Sheer Top

Bralette: Dior 2017 J’adior Bralette - (white)

Jeans: Missguided Riot Mom Rigid Jeans

Sandals: Boohoo Square Toe Wrap Heels

Earrings: Cendré Charlotte Hoops

Much love,

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