I asked my Instagram followers to ask me questions that I would answer on here so that you can get to know me a little bit better! I didn’t end up using all the questions as there was quite a few so I have chosen key ones that I feel will give you a closer glimpse of who I am behind the photos!


Where are your favourite places to shop online and in New Zealand?

That depends on what I am shopping for! For basics I love Kookai, Country Road, Glassons, and Zara. I honestly do 99% of my fashion shopping online. I could go on and on about my favourite online stores, but here’s a few:

For multiple designers/labels on one site -



Fashion BNKR


The Iconic

The ones I rotate through regularly (aka daily, it’s an auto pilot ‘flaw’ ha!) -

Runway Scout

Sabo Skirt

Princess Polly


Verge Girl

SIR the Label

Pretty Little Thing


How did you and your Boyfriend meet?

Tinder! Fairytale goals am I right! After I had ended an on-again/off-again 5 year relationship, I found myself back on the single scene. It was October 2015 and after a few espresso martinis at a birthday lunch in the city, I was encouraged by my group of girlfriends to download Tinder. Before the lunch was over, a handsome Canadian boy ‘super liked’ me and the rest is history. What started out as your typical Tinder ‘fling’ turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is the biggest sweetheart! Russell I love you. I don’t want to imagine a life without you. 


Where do you see yourself in five years?

Without wondering what could or couldn’t happen…. In five years I see myself:

  • Married to Russ with at least one child, our cat Luna, two dogs and whatever other animals we’ve rescued along the way.

  • In a home Russ and I own in Auckland (wish us luck the market is ridiculously expensive here, but it’s our dream)

  • Running this blog as a part time / full time job / working in the fashion industry. 


What does your typical weekly workout / exercise routine look like?

A typical workout routine for me consists of going to the gym and doing 20 minutes of warm up cardio, 30 minutes of weight training followed by core exercises and stretches. I love glute days the most as they are my favourite exercises - hip thrusts, cable pull throughs, and glute kickbacks. 

I also adore nature workouts! I am so fortunate to live in beautiful Auckland as we have countless bush walks, waterfalls and stunning beaches. I fit in a couple of outdoor walks / adventures each week.


What is your style and who are your style icons?

I have absolutely zero idea what my style is! It changes, constantly! I honestly just wear what I think looks good, regardless of where it’s from or who designed it. Some weeks I wear joggers and crops all week, some weeks I wear nothing but mini dress and mules. Dress for yourself and yourself only. If you found yourself entirely alone with no-one else around, you would want to be wearing what feels right for you, not what feels right for someone else’s eyes. There are, obviously, exceptions, please don’t wear a onsie to your corporate job and justify it by what I said above, ha!

Style icons? I have sooo-ooo many. Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green - this requires no explaining - my ultimate sytle inspo. Briggite Bardot - classic and chic. Princess Diana - I have always been a big fan of her casual outfits. Hayley Baldwin - makes ANY outfit look so effortless. Olivia Palermo - her style is stunning, what I wouldn’t do to have her wardrobe!


What do you enjoy doing apart from your Instagram and upcoming Blog?

Drinking wine and bingeing Netflix! Kidding, but not really. I love being at home, it’s my sanctuary. I love painting with watercolours. Obsessing over things I am into at any given time and having 100+ tabs open on my MacBook about the specific topic for weeks on end (drives Russ mad when he opens my laptop). Going on mini adventures and road trips. I have mad love for Astronomy! Russ bought me a telescope for our first Valentines Day, we love setting up a blanket fort in our garden on clear nights to hunt down planets and take photos of the moon. I really enjoy ‘me’ time which is usually bunkering down in my bedroom with fairy lights, wine, a face mask, essential oils and chill music.

Hopefully that gives you a bit of an idea of who I am behind the photos. I didn’t answer all the questions as I wanted to keep this relatively short (I tried)!

If you have any questions please DM on my instagram @ohcourture or leave a comment on any of my blog posts.

Much love,

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