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Seeing as I don’t drink coffee (shocking, I know, the above photo is caffeine free chamomile), and not everyone likes a glass of wine (how?!), I decided my monthly update posts will be called Tea with Courtney - I‘m pretty sure everyone enjoys tea in some form (the drink and the term, if not, please stay and catch up anyways!)

We can all agree that January seemed to last a lifetime this year. So much, yet so little, has happened.

Below I will fill you in on the four big pieces from the past four weeks!

Russell became an official New Zealand Resident!


The majority of 2018 was spent dedicated to Russell obtaining his residency here in New Zealand. Quick (ish) background explanation for those who don’t know our little story:

Russell moved from Nova Scotia, Canada to Auckland, New Zealand in April 2015 and had planned to stay here for one year on a working holiday Visa. Six months into his stay, he met me, we fell in-love and have been on a Visa rollercoaster ever since. In March 2016 when his Working Holiday Visa was up, it was on to the Partnership Visa. Fast forward a few more months and I bought up the idea of us moving to Canada and live in his hometown - Halifax, Nova Scotia. So, in June 2017 we packed up our lives flew across the world, and settled down in Halifax. There, I obtained a two year working visa. I loved Halifax immediately, the city is very similar to Auckland and I can assure you Canadians live up to their very, very friendly stereotype. Towards the end of the year I fell really ill and we were both homesick for New Zealand. We made a pros and cons list, and New Zealand won. January 2018 I moved back home to Auckland for treatment and Russell stayed behind in Canada due a family illness. It was horrible timing, but we endured the brief long-distance relationship until he arrived in Auckland in March 2018. We enjoyed our time back together and didn’t submit his Residency Visa application until around May. The following months saw a lot of back and forth admin between ourselves and the New Zealand Immigration due to minor delays (Russell needed police reports and fingerprints signed off from Canada which added months of waiting) Finally we land ourselves in January 2019, it’s the morning of our third year anniversary and the postman arrives with Russell’s New Zealand Residency Visa…

We jumped and screamed, literally, and fell into each other enjoying the moment we’ve been anticipating for over a year with an over load of happiness and relief.

Now we can finally start planning our future properly and feel like we have our feet planted into the ground ready to grow some roots.

Celebrated our three year anniversary!

Truthfully, we thought it was our fourth! Not to sound corny but we are the best of friends and feel like we have known each other for our whole lives. It’s actually crazy how lucky we are that we ever even found each other! Coming from opposite sides of the world and meeting by chance because I was a few wines deep with friends and decided to download Tinder!

Thank you Tinder.

When your other half is your best friend, life just tastes better. Everyday we make each other laugh, we go above and beyond for each other and, we do whatever we can to support each other. We have our battles of course - but Russell’s calm nature has taught me how to slow down when angry and communicate properly so arguments are usually resolved quickly (99.9% of the time, because if I have to remind him to wipe the crumbs off the kitchen bench ONE MORE TIME…back to Canada he goes). No relationship can be perfect, we do have moments where we want to kill each other. You have to find that perfect flirt to roast ratio you know? We positively challenge each other, teach each other new things (yesterday I taught him about Jane Austen much to his displeasure), we play fight, we cannot keep secrets or surprises from each other for longer than a day and all round make each other a better person. Russell’s traits are everything I want our future children to find in a partner. Including the bond he has with his parents and the loving, beautiful relationship they have which imprints on to us and we hope to imprint on our children. Three years of fun, a million more to come!



My absolute pride and joy is this website / blog.

Months leading up to my decision to create it, I was struggling terribly with my depression and anxiety. I couldn’t finish one page of a book. I stopped looking after myself. I was so low that some days Russell had to pick me up out of bed and get me into the shower. Yes, I was uploading style and content posts to Instagram during this period, and you may question how or why. Every other day, I would feel ‘okay’ for a fleeting moment. I would pull myself together, get up, shower, do my hair and make up, go out and take photos then come home and be completely drained. These small accomplishments and the energy I was putting into my passion again, started having a positive effect on me. Over time, the heaviness lifted and I felt a sense of purpose each day. I started receiving positive feedback on my account, offers for collaborations with companies, made connections with like minded people and I decided - it’s now or never!

I announced on Instagram in November I was making this website, and it took until January 1st to launch it. It took so long because some days I could only write half a paragraph and let my negative emotions control me. I still have days where I need to spend all day in bed, however instead of feeling comfortable and fine with it, I feel antsy and frustrated that I’m not creating content for here and my Instagram. This itch is something I lost a long time ago and I am thrilled that it’s found me again.

I truly, truly appreciate anyone who takes the time to visit here and read what I write. It means the world to me.


Instagram Collaborations!

I have been so fortunate and lucky to have worked with many incredible companies this early on in my little blogging journey.

These opportunities began around October last year and I never in a million years thought they would still be happening yet alone be growing. I have a very negative mind (that I am treating) which often leads to thoughts of worthlessness and feelings of being completely undeserving. The fact some of my favourite companies continue to reach out to me is a dream come true, everyday I am overwhelmed with a million emotions.

Of course, receiving free clothes and products is amazing, but I do not take it for granted nor do I just say yes to every email / offer I receive. I have only said yes to companies that I have spent money on in the past, or would see myself spending money on regardless of the collaboration. I will never promote a product or a company that doesn’t fit my style or lifestyle.

Some of the companies I received collaboration offers from in January include:

Verge Girl

Runway Scout



Seven Wonders The Label

Rebellious Fashion

Dissh Botiques

You may have seen a few of the pieces on here or over on my instagram, others, are either pending my creation of the of the content or have not arrived in the post yet due to being confirmed in the past five days.

I cannot wait for what the next few months hold! I want to keep growing, learning and creating.


Alright, that’s a wrap! My four big January events. As always, if you’ve made it this far, thank you!!

All of my love to you for the month of February,

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