For many years my wardrobe consisted mainly of black, white, and grey shades. I’ve always had colourful pieces scattered through out it but always relied on staying within my comfort zone. For a year or so now I have focused on integrating colours into my wardrobe. The journey has been interesting and insightful.

While dark yellow hues may suit other brunettes (mustard knits for example) I found out the hard way that this was not the case for me. As usual, when I get an idea, it’s full steam ahead. So yes, there were a fair few online purchases that were excitedly received and then sadly returned.

Pink however. Pink suits anyone and everyone. Correct me if I am wrong. Which I am not. There is a shade of pink for every single skin tone, hair colour, wardrobe palette, you name it - pink has a hue for it.


I was playing around with a satin headscarf in the mirror and was initially going to tie it around my wrist for an accessory. I wondered if it would look cute tied into one of the belt loops on my shorts, it did, but then I ended up threading it the whole way around my waist and created this belt look! (The headscarf is over a year old so unfortunately I cannot link it).



Shorts: PrettyLittleThing Wash Black Ripped Denim

Blazer: PrettyLittleThing Pink Boyfriend Blazer

Shoes: Lulus Mimi Black Heeled Sandals

Earrings: Forever New Philippa Hoop Earrings (in gold)

Bag: Peta and Jain Zoe Backpack in Nude

I hope you are having a lovely week. If not, try and take a few moments to reflect, tell yourself three things you are grateful for! Today I am grateful for:

1- Waking up with a clear mind. I usually wake up with anxiety and a million things running through my head but today was a nice surprise to feel clarity (even though I do have 500 things to do).

2 - Having multiple beaches on my door step that I am able to swim in daily this Summer.

3 - Russell’s cooking skills - he made a delicious Mediterranean dish last night that was really creative and healthy. Perfect for a hot summer meal.

As always, thank you so much for reading.

All my love,

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