Hello my lovely readers!

I spent the majority of my day yesterday re-organising my wardrobe. Russ and I have a big walk in wardrobe, though I will usually refer to it as my wardrobe due to 10% being his and 90% being mine. I have the feeling this is true in almost all relationships? One person always has more clothing and ends up claiming most of the wardrobe territory for themselves. I’ll take one for the team and apologise to everyone who’s ever had their wardrobes taken over by a fashion passionate partner who ‘never has anything to wear’.

This process took me roughly four hours and two glasses of wine, yet I am not satisfied with it. There is so much room and space yet to be utilised…I envision a ‘wardrobe DIY makeover’ coming soon and will be sure document it to post on here - Yay! I love browsing through home makeover blogs and watching the TV shows! So it’s exciting to plan doing one myself.

Following my four hours of wine drinking, music blasting, and wardrobe organising fun, Russ and I decided to go into the city to watch the sunset. We were so lucky as the spot we chose was empty, a rarity in Aucklands CBD!


Uncommon for me, I wore neutrals. Who are we kidding, if you follow me on Instagram or on here then you will have picked up on my love for neutral pieces.

It was a beautiful sunset and date night. Especially for me thanks to the hilarious sushi incident. While sitting in the car taking cover from the wind, Russell had an accident. The container holding his sushi collapsed into his lap and down his legs, covering him in soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise - and when I say covered….I mean covered. There was nothing he could do but bury his head into his hands laughing (crying?) at defeat. I can assure you re-telling this story to his parents over Skype this morning was a wonderful way to start my day. I’m not sure if this was a blog about my outfit or an excuse to share Russ’s unfortunate sushi incident, either way I hope you enjoyed it!


Tee Shirt: Runway Scout Apero Femme Tee (BEIGE STRIPE)

Shorts: Runway Scout Cali Knit Shorts (White)

Bag: Wild x Keisō Mini Straw Knit Handle Bag (White)

Thank you for reading! It means so much to me.

All of my love,

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