Hello friends!

Happy week of love to you all! I know this day is controversial and you either love it or hate it. Personally, I am not phased by it. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I am not the type who wants big grand gestures, fancy restaurants, lots of money spent etc. I appreciate simple, thoughtful effort!

A picnic with a view and my favourite cheap wine? Yes! A lounge fort with fairy lights to watch a movie under? Double yes! A sweet little card with a lovely personal note inside? My eyes will fill with tears of happiness.

Now, if you’re reading this and don’t have a ‘valentine’ this year, let me say one thing to you….

so what?!

Remember to be kind to yourself and remind yourself of all the love you have around you! Romantic love is not the only love you can celebrate! I send my friends, my sibs, and my parents (+ future in laws who already call me their daughter *tear*) little “happy valentines day” messages just to make them smile. ALSO you have a pretty cool Valentine with you all the time- yourself! Buy a little treat, tell yourself that you’re amazing and send a smile to all the strangers you pass - you never know who needs it + it will make you feel warm inside.

So enough of my little V day spiel, onto my Valentines Day Eve outfit!


This beautiful red and white floral mini was gifted to me by Chiffon Boutique. They’ve so kindly provided me with a discount code for any one who sees this to use on their website! I do not get paid anything for this, it’s just a little gift for my readers and followers! Use “COURT15” at their website checkout for 15% off your order - insert big smile face emoji!!


Dress: Chiffon Boutique Mayfair Dress - Red

Shoes: ASOS Shortcake Wedge Mules

Gold Earrings: Glassons Rectangular Hoop Earrings

Belt: Supre Double Hoop Belt - Gold

I hope you all feel very loved, not just on Valentines Day, but everyday. Most importantly from yourself. Sending you all light and happiness.

Much love as always,

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