“Jeans and a nice top” - a saying we have all said, heard, and agreed with. The possibilities are endless, and naturally so is my love for this combo.

Personally, I lean towards chunky sneakers or heels to complete the look. Sandals, flats, and mules all work beautifully too!

We are starting to have some cooler days now that Summer is winding down and my winter wardrobe is shaking with excitement, as am I, obvs! These ‘mom’ jeans are incredibly comfortable, flattering and have the raw hem I am loving right now. Triple whammy of goodness! They quickly won a place in my winter wardrobe.


These beautiful pink mules have the sweetest little heel design and have been glued to my feet since arriving. They go with everything, I truly mean…..everything. I have to physically stop myself from wearing them in every outfit post so as to not overwhelm my pages with a distracting bright pink heel, it just wouldn’t be fair to the rest of my shoes or my outfits by being overshadowed.

As my first hot pink pair of heels/mules they will have a reserved front row seat in my dream office. The vision and plans I have for my dream office (cloffice: a giant closet / office) are so wonderful guys, I even have Russell convinced it’s a great idea!! Picture this.. a large bedroom…with walls of shoes, bags, accessories, and beautiful clothes lining them…a towering ceiling to floor mirror…gorgeous wood flooring and then me, sitting at my work desk (throne) at the back of the room opposite a huge window with natural light flooding in. YES, I KNOW, IT SOUNDS INCREDIBLE!!! We just need to buy a home first…brb while I fast forward the next two years.



Top: Glassons Long Sleeve Dome Front Top

Jeans: Glassons Destroyed Mom Jean

Shoes: TopShop Gloss Pointed Mule - Pink

Handbag: Peta and Jain Brittany

Denim Crop Jacket: Forever21 (bought in Canada two years ago, cannot find it online sorry!)

Thank you for reading! Much love as always,

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