I LOVE oversized clothing!!

Wearing something oversized sounds easy to pull off, right? You just buy something 3 sizes larger than you usually would, throw it on over anything and ta-da?! Wrong. Regardless of itโ€™s laid back look, oversized pieces still have fashion rules and can easily look sloppy if not matched to your body shape and size correctly.

I generally go 2-3 sizes up max and pair the item with something that balances it out, for example, I have worn this oversized button up tee shirt with an equally flowy pair of shorts. Part of the tee shirt is tucked in so you can see the cinched waist which creates balance and shape, as opposed to wearing it out and looking boxy.

gnoosa_8449 2.JPG
gnoosa_8448 2.JPG
gnoosa_8447 2.JPG
gnoosa_8457 2.JPG

Paired with a mini hang bag (loving these right now) and white pointed mules, this outfit is officially a summer favourite of mine


Tee Shirt: Goddess Noosa I Need Your Luv Shirt

Shorts: Goddess Noosa Speckle Tier Shorts

Shoes: ASOS Shortcake Wedge Mules

Handbag: Peta and Jain Brittany

Have a wonderful day, thank you for reading!!

Love always,

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