Fact: never did I think I would wear a neon piece of clothing that wasn’t intended for a dress up party. When I first saw this knit online I initially though “Wow, definitely not something I could pull off” “How would I style it” “What if the big roll neck makes me look like I have a really small head?” It took me about a week of going back and forth to finally decide to take the risk. A risk I’m glad I took!

New Fact: this neon pink knit gives me serious Barbie vibes and I love it!

Not only does it feel like you’re wearing an actual blanket (it’s seriously comfortable and so soft) but it’s truly a gorgeous colour and design! The baggy sleeves match the fit perfectly and the roll neck didn’t swallow my head like I had worried about - yay! This was sent to me as a gift from the company, however I love it so much I wish it came in a million more colours!


I didn’t have a clue how to style this as it’s actually a dress (much to Russell’s disbelief, ha-ha!). I decided to stick with a safe option of faux leather pants and mini black boots.


Very much in love with this knit! If and when it comes out in neutral colours I will be the first person to purchase all of them!


Knit Jumper Dress: Rebellious Fashion Roll Neck Jumper Dress

Faux Leather Pants: ASOS / Missguided Skinny Jeans

Boots: Spurr Hazel Ankle Boots

Bag: Peta and Jain Brittany

As always, thank you for reading!


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