If you know pop culture, then you know the term “on Wednesdays we wear pink” a quote from the 2004 movie Mean Girls (an iconic piece of art if you ask me). It’s become a popular caption on social media when pink is worn and posted on a Wednesday.

Fashion is a controversial topic but my opinion is that personal style should have next to no rules/limitations, with obvious exceptions like offensive images or slogans (not talking about statement pieces, fashion is still an expression of creativity, art and style after all). If you want to wear pink on Monday - WEAR IT. Feel like wearing white after Labour Day? GO FOR IT. Want to wear gumboots (rain-boots) with a tutu and bright tights? ROCK THAT TUTU AND THOSE BRIGHT TIGHTS! Fashun is all is about confidence dahhhling!

I referenced the Mean Girls joke because fashion bullying is so dominant in our Social Media run society, and jokes can sometimes have a negative impact on peoples lives. They can cause people to refrain from wearing certain items like last seasons jacket or mismatched colours that they read online were a big a fashion no-no. When I was uploading this photo last night (Sunday for us here in New Zealand) all I could hear in my head was “on Wednesdays we wear pink”. I thought about how silly and harmless most people find these quirky jokes, but also how they have the potential to put limits on people who are testing their personal fashion boundaries.

I know the quote is funny and sassy, but when it comes to your life, take what Mean Girls say with a grain of salt (both the movie quotes and in real life).


This adorable pink ribbed top was gifted to me by Charcoal Clothing. The fabric is semi thick which is perfect on it’s own for our current Autumn days and for layering once Winter arrives.

Initially I planned to wear white suit trousers with it, but last minute decided to go monochrome as I’ve never done it before with pink. I loved how the look turned out with the strappy white sandals and a nice layer of Bondi Sands.


So I can wear pink on any day of the week? Damn right, and if anyone asks tell them to read this blog !


Top: Charcoal Clothing Infinite Dreams Top

Pants: Atmos & Here Pink Buckle Pants

Shoes: Boohoo Skinny Strap Low Heel

Thank you for reading!!

Much love as always,

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