Hello my lovely readers!

I hope your week is going well so far. We are coming into the end of March now, time is flying this year! For me, I am happy we are entering April as it means we are entering the colder months and the beautiful gloomy Winter days are on the way! I know I always go on about my love for winter and the colder months, I think I might have figured out why. I am a winter baby, literally! I was born in July, which here in New Zealand is smack-dab in the deep dark middle of Winter. Mystery, to all who look at me extremely confused when I excitedly express my love for Winter, solved! Though Russell, my Canadian born and bred boyfriend, says it’s not ‘real’ Winter here in Auckland as there is no snow and days usually stay above 5 degrees, but its my ‘Winter’ and I love it.

Anyways, I recently added a few over sized blazers to my wardrobe in preparation for winter styling, however I obviously couldn’t help myself because I went and styled and posted them immediately! One fit perfectly with this outfit that I am head over heels in love with. Darks mixed with denim are just so visually delicious to me.


Also, how stunning is this faux leather hand bag?! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! It’s sturdy, has perfect detailing and the thick resin o’ring handle has me drooling. I love both the handle and the strap, you will find me wearing this a lot over Autumn and Winter.


I added pink nail polish for a colourful element, which I think looks so cute and girly against the dark shades.



Top: Runway Scout Aristocrat Top

Jeans: Abrand Jeans Walk Away 94 High Slims

Handbag: Runway Scout Davie Bag

Earrings: VOA Fine Jewellery Susie Huggies

Shoes: Number One Shoes Merlot

Thank you for reading! Have a fab week.

All my love,

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All my love,