Autumn so far here in Auckland has been a rollercoaster of temperatures. Which to be honest, is no surprise considering we are famous for being the city of four seasons in one day.

While my fashion heart lays with winter, autumn also holds a dear place in my wardrobe. Transitional pieces are my favourite! Wearing this short suit set to the beach to watch the sunset was a dream.

Also perfect for my fashion friends around the globe currently going from winter to spring, a short suit can see you through both transitional sides this time of year!


Also wearing my latest jewellery piece from Susan Caplan. Vintage jewellery is so intriguing to me. Wondering where the piece originated, who owned it, what parts of the world it has seen. This two chain set is from the 1990s so itโ€™s not incredibly historic but I still love thinking about its story (like Rachel making up stories for her Pottery Barn pieces because Phoebe hates Pottery Barn - if you know, you know).



Blazer: Seven Wonders The Label GAIA Blazer - Rust Spot

Shorts: Seven Wonders The Label GAIA Shorts - Rust Spot

Necklace: Susan Caplan - Vintage Piece so I have linked her website for similar pieces.

Shoes: Pretty Little Thing Flatform Sneakers

Thank you for reading!

Much love,

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