White and blue denim, it’s common, it’s basic, it’s one of my favourite combos ever. We all have certain outfits, tones, or fits we lean towards, and for me that’s anything black or neutral paired with blue denim.

I don’t honestly believe I have met a person who does not suit this mix. It seriously just looks fab on anyone!

By now, I have most likely engrained into your minds my deep (deep) love for a statement sleeve. They give your outfit the extra ompf factor and if you’re not a big accessories person, the sleeves can really help carry your look!


Would you believe me if I told you that matching this background was not intentional? It wasn’t until someone pointed it out in a comment under my photo that I realised! Blue, black and white signs, blue black and white outfit! Ha! Coincidence… or maybe my photographer is just getting better?!


As I often shoot 5-6 outfits at a time, the back of our car is my changing room. Luckily the back windows are tinted because when shooting we often park in very public spaces! As I was getting out of the back seat I noticed these sunglasses in the little door cubby, threw them on and was completely in love with how well they tied the look together.


I received many questions about these jeans when I initially posted the photo to my Instagram, and also had a lot more flow in after Sabo Skirt reposted it to their Instagram . I will link the jeans below as usual, but will just note that I purchased these high waisted style mom jeans 2 sizes bigger than my normal size to achieve the oversized look. I wanted them to sit on my hips and look baggy - like I wore here, but also wanted to have the above look when tightened with a belt around my waist.

These are my favourite jeans right now and Sabo Skirt are nailing the white tops lately (they’ve always nailed everything let’s be honest) so apologies in advance if my Instagram turns into a white and denim shrine. #sorrynotsorry.


Top: Sabo Skirt Sabina Top

Jeans: Missguided Riot Mom Jeans (I went two sizes up for oversized look)

Bag: Peta and Jain Brittany

Shoes: Boohoo Sqaure Toe Wrap Strap Heels

Love always!

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